Simple introduction 

Hi, I'm sooleng. Been trying my way to express my feelings here. Ever since joining the career world, not much excitement in life as the main objective would only be work, work and work. So, would like to take this opportunity to share the moments of my life. Whether you like it or not! ^^

If you don't know me, you will say things based on my appearence. If you know me, you will say things based on my personality. If you know me well, you won't even say anything about me cause you know that's Me! Be proud of myself as I live with my way. 

Since i can't be able to memorize every single stuff that i've done due to limited space in my memories, jotting down them would be the best way to eviddence my existence in this world! I only got 1 life, and what happen if I happen to lost my memories? Friends out there, please show me this site so that I won't forgotten the way I used to be. 

First of all, thanks for viewing this site. I'm trying to make it interesting, and please do accept my appology if you found it  a little boring or nagging or whatever you name it. Just leave this site if it does not suit you.