Everyday of my life is a page of my history. As for me, living my life by recording some of the details can always be a wonderful memories. Imagine that the next day waking up without remembering anything. How's scary is that. Well, it is just that i dislike that feelings. 

So, me trying to made more stories to my life. Well, basically just trying to diverrt and export my stuff form my previous blog which i've created few years back. Giving me a little of trouble and here i am, building my own site. Still trying to have fun with the applications and design here while creating more of my days history.

Anyhow, I'm trying to put my dreams, passions, thoughts, tears, joys and every single moments that worth sharing. It's just my nway of expressing myself when there is no one to listen for my mumbles. Just feel free to explore my webpage and thanks for stopping by, spending your time on this. 

Solo A Tu Lado Quiero Vivir
Jyve V (Juana, la Virgen OST)